eRko is a member of international federation of youth catholic organisations – FIMCAP. The delegates of 10 organisations from Europe met at their EuroConference to make decisions in strategic partnership and to elect the Praesidium of FIMCAP Europe for the next 3 years. Erko has in FIMCAP an important role. Except organising activities, our eRko President – Juraj Králik was a member of the Preasidium of FIMCAP Europe in the last term. At this EuroConference we elected our head of KOZA (international committee) – Veronika Švitková as an Activity coordinator for Europe. Congratulations!

Our delegates of KOZA travelled to Switzerland to experience an exiting weekend with the whole Europe! On Wednesday Švitka, Kika and Veva enjoyed an AWESOME journey from Wiena airport through Zurich to Winterthour. There our EuroConference took place! EuroConference is the 5 day AWESOME action for delegates from different organizations from AWESOME FIMCAP Europe. It is a place, where they can meet, speak together, change their experiences and prepare future activities. ERko also participated, because our AWESOME Slovak organization is a part of the world organization called FIMCAP. These conferences take place every 3 years at all continents. The conference was really beneficial, not only for FIMCAP but exactly for us, because Kika and Veva attended it first time. We voted the new European presidium, which will substitute the last one. Our president of eRko – Ďury Králik has been the vice-president for 3 years and now Bernt from KJG Germany will replace his place. Our Veronika (Švitka) Švitková was elected as an activity coordinator! And the last member of the AWESOME presidium will continue in his second term as a spiritual assistend – father Rueben from ZAK Malta. Congratulations! During EC we voted for a lot of documents, the strategic partnership between our organizations, prepared an AWESOME calender of activities for YOU. We also joined leaders of Swiss organization called JUBLA at AWESOME dinner. Thanks all Swiss people for preparation, and we really looking forward international activities with YOU! Remember: Everything is AWESOME.

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