eRko – Christian Children Communities’ Movement

eRko is the children’s organisation working throughout Slovakia. Young people – volunteers – from more than 250 towns and villages regularly meet with children in their free time. During meetings, trips, camps and other activities they experience together joy and realities of daily life. Since 1990 eRko is registered at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic as a non-governmental organisation. It has more than 8 000 members and nowadays, it is one of the biggest children’s organisation in Slovakia.


Our aim is to assist children and young people to become mature responsible Christian personalities involved in the  development of the society they live in. The basis of the work of eRko are regular meetings of children communities at the local level, where they can build open communities together. The mission of eRko is implemented through the personal example of young volunteers who experience the life in the community together with children. The main values are: lively faith, joyful service, open community, respect for life, responsibility and trust.

What we do


  • regular meetings of children in small groups – communities where we talk, discuss various topics, play games, and search for the answers to the questions that bother us;
  • trips, summer camps, carnivals and many various activities and campaigns
  • activities associated with the annual theme


  • courses, workshops, seminars;
  • information-methodical magazine LUSK
  • methodical guides to assist in working with children