On the joyful way of testimony of faith…


  • Walks towards the maturity
  • Gives hand to other children and does something good for the others
  • Develops his/her spiritual life

…We walk together …



  • Discovers the world with the friends
  • Develops his/her talents and skills

…The small and the big.


  • Has his/her good friends in eRko
  • Belongs to the community in eRko and  experiences Church as a community of people living in faith and acting in love



These 2 words have similar meaning for us in eRko. Animator is the one who gives the spirit (lat. anima – spirit, soul) and leader is the one who knows, where to wald with the kids.

Co-working animators and co-workers

People, who help us with organizing bigger events, activities or supports other leaders. They do not need to belong to the specific community of children.


Children´s community leader


Every childreln´s community has at least one leader. This ministry belongs to the specific community and specific period of time (min. 1 year). Leader is in charge of the community´s development and formation.