There is wide range of eRko´s activities. In order to effectively manage all of them and fulfil their goals, expert committees have been created. Members of committees are volunteers, who work in their free time. Committees are established by the national board of eRko and they meet regularly 2-3 times per year.

Spiritual and pastoral committee

Members of the committee are the priests and laics and every diocese has its own representative. Committee works in the field of pastoral work, spiritual life, liturgy, faith and morals.

Its tasks are:

  • Spiritual formation for leaders
  • Pastoral ministry at the eRko activities (national board and regional board meetings, regional centre´s meetings, courses)
  • Spiritual support in creating magazines and booklets
  • Dialogue with the diocese´s centres for youth and children, support in networking and contacts
    Support in  pastoral work with children in Slovakia
  • Advisory in the liturgy at the eRko events

Dobra Novina committee

This committee acts in the interests of eRko in the field of development cooperation and is in charge of the campaign Dobra Novina. Its main tasks are decision taking on projects supported by Dobra Novina, development education, preparation and organization of Dobra Novina in the regions.

International committee

It ensures the cooperation with umbrella organisations and partner organisations abroad. It coordinates international projects and mediates the offers for the members of eRko.

Objectives of the committee:

  • to represent the style of eRko at the international level
  • to make the exchange of experience and methodologies for working with children and leaders
  • to organise and participate in the international activities for children and young people
  • to search for new foreign contacts
  • to develop partnerships with international organisations
  • to inform eRko members of the international activities

Methodical committee


This committee fulfils eRko goals in the field of pedagogy, psychology, didactic and formation. It organises training courses for leaders of children´s communities, is responsible for the expertise at the events for leaders and is in charge of the leader´s magazine LUSK, methodical materials and publications for leaders.