There are regular meetings for leaders of children´s communities in their regions with the purpose to coordinate activities, share experience and get the new information.

There are 39 regional centres in eRko. Every regional centre has its own regional leader.

Regional centres are grouped in the bigger communities – „regional boards“. There are 5 „regional boards“ in the eRko. They are historicaly based on the dioceses so that eRko can cooperate with the bishops and priests in the diocese.

National board is the highest body in eRko and it is build up by the elected representatives from the regional boards and by the chairman of the movement. Members of National board are elected by the representatives of regional boards for the 3-year period. National board meets 2 times per year (minimum). In the period of time, when national board is not meeting, presidium substitutes the national board.

Presidium meets between the meetings of the national board and takes over responsibility for some of the executing tasks. Members of presidium are 5 members of national board (one for each regional board), chairman of the movement and one commissioned member of the secretariat.